Kathleen Elliott started horticulture and agriculture at an early age with her grandfather, Lionel Elliott. Her lifelong training includes a BS in Plant Sciences at UC Davis 1975. She has extensive experience with landscape design, environmental horticulture, agriculture, forestry, apiculture and animal sciences.

Olive Production Services
Kathleen Elliott is an olive oil production consultant, on the California Olive Oil Council (COOC) Board of Directors and a Natural Resources Conservation District (NRCS) olive production mentor. See her resume on Contact page.

Olive Classes
Olive oil soap making
Small Olive Oil Milling
Brining Olives
Olive Tree Pruning
Cooking With Olive Oil
History Of Olives in California

Organic Bottling Facilities
Have you own olive oil? We have bottle labeler, bottle filler for four bottles at a time, and foil cap sealer, as seen in photos below.

Landscape Design and horticultural consultation
Kathleen started horticulture and agriculture at an early age with her grandfather, Lionel Elliott.
She is sensitive to the needs of her clients and the environment. Creativity is key. She involves herself in your design and caters to your vision as she educates, cultivates and inspires!

A popular service is her quick 'Walk & Talk' where you and Kathleen check out each aspect of your garden, including what stays, what needs to be removed, what needs pruning and how, what fertilizers, Integrated Pest Management and design changes, including planting plan if necessary.

Read what her clients say about her:
"Imagine a newly purchased, landscaped home filled with plants but lacking style. You know, boring We had something in mind, something but what? Kathleen listened to us. She gave us a plan to make our visions real, a plan that included specific plants, an enclosed patio, and irrigation systems. Most importantly, she taught us the principles so we could do it on our own"
Landscape Design & Horticulture Classes - Inspiration to Educate!
Kathleen teaches a wide variety of agriculture, landscape design and horticulture classes based on her previous experiences. Winter Classes now taught at Hillcrest Ranch Sunol include:
January/ February
Rose Pruning, Spraying & Care
Fruit Tree Pruning, Spraying & Care
Grafting Fruit Trees

March/ April
Spring Vegetable Planting
Citrus & Avocado Pruning & Care
Japanese Maple Pruning & Care

Additional classes:
Designing Your Garden Basics
Herbs, Easy and Fresh
CA Native Plants
Pollinating Honey Bee Plants
Attracting Bird & Butterfly Plantings
Plant Propagation:
June-Softwood, September-Semi Hardwood, January-Hardwood Cuttings
Growing Beneficial Antioxidant Fruits
Crop Rotation
Companion Planting
Low Maintenance Planting/Right Plant In Right Place
Olives & Olive Oil cooking, health benefits, soap making, brining and milling
Aquatic Plants
Fall Vegetable Planting & Care
Integrated Pest Management, including Good & Bad Bugs
The Ranch
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