The Ranch
A Family Farm
The view from these hills, where my great aunt Grace Elliott farmed olives in the early 1900s, is calming and opening to the heart. Now, when olive oil is enjoying a renaissance in healthful living, it is for my benefit and yours that I am able to harvest and press Great Aunt Grace’s olives for our enjoyment. This olive business is for the love of her and the magnificent 130-year-old olive trees she tended.

Kathleen Elliott, Owner
Hillcrest Ranch in Sunol is a six and a half acre island of 137-century-old olive trees in the middle of 2000 trees in Pleasanton Ridge East Bay Regional Park. The trees, of Picholine, Mission and Manzanillo varieties, are dryland farmed using organic farming methods.
While the Bay Area has experienced drastic changes throughout the past century, Hillcrest Ranch has remained relatively unhindered. Today, people walk these hills which were once covered entirely with the fruit trees and vines of the Thermal Fruit Company. The olives are the only remaining fruit trees of this historical area. In addition, hikers can view the natural wildlife and wild flowers living amongst the rolling hills of olive groves and oak savannas.
The Ranch
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